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Tradition. Beauty. Colour. Intricacy. Exclusivity. Pure. Vibrant.

These are the elements that define every piece of master craftsmanship that is Madhurya.

Madhurya, in Sanskrit, means absolute sweetness, a pleasant state of mind and a smile that is unshakable. 

When you see perfection in creation, waves of beauty rise through your entire being.

By creating a Madhurya home for yourself, you share the vision to revive, protect & celebrate the ancient Indian craftsmanship.

You also support the ‘Gift a Smile’ program of The Art Of Living.

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Tanjore Paintings
Temple Jewellery
Temple Jewellery

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Phone: 080-28432534

Address: 21st Km, Kanakapura Road, Udayapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560082.