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I'm an art lover. Madhurya got me beautiful hand crafted Furniture, wall hangings and Home Decor for my new house. The quality is unbeatable and the prices are affordable. It's the best shopping place for people who admire beauty and quality at the same time.

 - Yashika Mahajan, Pilot and Fitness Trainer, Bangalore



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    Create your dream home.
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    Everyday or Occasion wear, discover your favourite dresses.
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    Beautiful assortment of traditional Jewellery for that charming sparkle.
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    Fulfill your wishes with our graceful Lehengas with magnificent embroideries.


  • Priyanka Chopra in Madhurya's Nalini Traditional Earrings


    Priyanka Chopra was looking so graceful and beautiful in that black, embroidered kurta at the Bajirao Mastani Press Meet at NYC. She was wearing Madhurya's Nalini Traditional Earrings which enhanced her look. It was such an amazing event when all the stars came together to promote a veer Maratha " Bajirao". These type of movies must be encouraged to keep our heroes alive at least in our memories and hearts forever.

  • 6 Easy Tips to Take Care of your Silk Sarees at Home | Madhurya


    Ever wondered how those Sarees, worn by famous actresses always remain wrinkle-free and fresh all the time? In Madhurya, As we all are aware that all kinds of Sarees are available at the lowest price in market. We maintain the quality standards while weaving each and every saree differently so maintaining it is really important to save the artisans art work for a long time. For the best occasions in life, these sarees are woven with utmost care and if you observe, the weaving is different for different Sarees.

  • Did you know, Why, Tanjore Art is called the Ancient Art of India?


    If ever Art has ardently wooed Beauty, obscurity is it a lot of evident than within the paintings of Thanjavur. Each creation is really a celebration of the gorgeous. Rich, full bodied colors contend with exquisite fillagree work to overwhelm the attention. The themes area unit figures of God, avatar being the foremost often reproduced , however in numerous poses & representational process numerous stages of his life. Alternative Gods area unit represented too. Nowadays individuals area unit experimenting with birds, animals, building structures, etc.

About us

Beautiful, Intricate, Exclusive, Pure & Vibrant - these are the elements that define every piece of master craftsmanship that can be seen in Madhurya.

Madhurya, in Sanskrit, means absolute sweetness, a pleasant state of mind and a smile that is unshakable. Like when you see perfection in creation, waves of beauty rise through your entire being. 

At Madhurya, our vision is to revive, protect and preserve the Indian crafts. Our mission is to support the ‘Gift a Smile’ program of The Art of Living, which provides free education & basic amenities for more than 45000 underprivileged children in above 400 schools running across India.