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I'm an art lover. Madhurya got me beautiful hand crafted Furniture, wall hangings and Home Decor for my new house. The quality is unbeatable and the prices are affordable. It's the best shopping place for people who admire beauty and quality at the same time.

 - Yashika Mahajan, Pilot and Fitness Trainer, Bangalore



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    Create your dream home.
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    Everyday or Occasion wear, discover your favourite dresses.
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    Beautiful assortment of traditional Jewellery for that charming sparkle.
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    Fulfill your wishes with our graceful Lehengas with magnificent embroideries.


  • How Krishna Represents the Beginning of Creation – Amazing Fact of Tanjore Painting


    Krishna on leaf, symbolizes the beginning of creation, little Krishna on the peepal leaf floating on the cosmic ocean represents the beginning of creation. Krishna is sucking his toe, big toe on his feet, shows flexibility and purity, as when the stomach digestion is good you can put the toe in the mouth, that flexible, all children do that.

  • Complete Guide to Tanjore Paintings - An Art of India


    Tanjore Art is an ancient art, but very few know everything about it. Here are some questions and their answer for all the queries which pop up in your mind. Lets start!!!!! 1.Which designs are used in tanjore paintings? A. Tanjore paintings are specially made using Chettinad and Mysore designs. 2.Do you have readily available products or customize according to the customer's request? A. We have a huge stock of paintings which depict Indian Mythology too. The average cost of a quality painting is less than 1000 INR. In short, we will be continually updating, adding, modifying the site and learn how to maximize the efficiency of our formats.

  • How Puja Mantaps affect your physical and mental health?


    In Sanskrit the word ‘puja’ is defined as ‘purnaat jayate iti puja’, which means ‘that which is born (jayate – ja) out of fullness (purnaat – pu)’. Puja means that which is born out of fullness and completeness. To express a heart, which is overflowing with so much gratitude and joy, Puja is done. Puja is considered an important aspect for progressing on the spiritual path. People go to temples to worship but it might not be possible to visit a temple everyday. By keeping Puja Mantaps at home, one can continue to do the puja and chanting daily.

About us

Beautiful, Intricate, Exclusive, Pure & Vibrant - these are the elements that define every piece of master craftsmanship that can be seen in Madhurya.

Madhurya, in Sanskrit, means absolute sweetness, a pleasant state of mind and a smile that is unshakable. Like when you see perfection in creation, waves of beauty rise through your entire being. 

At Madhurya, our vision is to revive, protect and preserve the Indian crafts. Our mission is to support the ‘Gift a Smile’ program of The Art of Living, which provides free education & basic amenities for more than 45000 underprivileged children in above 400 schools running across India.