Complete Guide to Tanjore Paintings – An Art of India

Complete Guide to Tanjore Paintings - An Art of India

Tanjore Paintings – Why, What and Where?

Tanjore Art is an ancient art, but very few know everything about it. Here are some questions and their answer for all the queries which pop up in your mind. Know the History of Tanjore Paintings

Lets start!!!!!

1.Which designs are used in tanjore paintings?
A. Tanjore paintings are specially made using Chettinad and Mysore designs.

2.Do you have readily available products or customize according to the customer’s request?
A. We have a huge stock of paintings which depict Indian Mythology too. The average cost of a quality painting is less than 1000 INR.
In short, we will be continually updating, adding, modifying the site and learn how to maximize the efficiency of our formats.

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3.When was the first painting made?
A.The oldest known paintings are approximately 40,000 years old. Know about Evolution of Tanjore Paintings.

4.Where does this art come from?
A.This art was originated in Thanjavur ,a city in Tamilnadu, India.

5.Are these paintings designed using original stones and gold?
A.Yes,These paintings are made using gold foils and precious stones. We also customize according to our customer’s requirement.

6.Do you use oil paints?
A.Yes,we use oil paints for a better look and longitivity.

7.What is the difference between a Tanjore painting and any other painting?
A.This Tanjore art is unique. It uses a lot of precious stones and pure gold foils to fill in as ornaments and clothing of the figurines, mostly depicting Hindu Mythological Gods like Shiva, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Sarastwati, Parvathi, Krishna, Radha, Ganesha Tanjore Painting , Nataraja and others.

8.What kind of gold and stones are used?
A.We use 22/24 carat gold foils and all original stones.

9.What changes can be seen in the paintings in modern times? 
A.Paintings are same but the materials used have been changed a bit according to the modern times.

10. Are all the products handmade or some parts are machine made ?
A. These are handmade paintings.

11.Where are these paintings made?
A. These paintings are made in Tamilnadu and then sent to Madhurya

12.What kind of wood do you use?
A.Teakwood and Rosewood. We also provide customers a choice of wood according to their preference. 

13.Can you explain the difference between a Chettinad and Mysore Tanjore design?
A. Tanjore:Chettinad(thick), Tanjore:Mysore(thin).

14.What are the other types of paintings exhibited at Madhurya?
A.We have different varieties of paintings ranging from Basohli, Pichwai, Marble, Miniature, Water colors, Glow paintings, etc.

15. Which frames are used for these paintings in Madhurya?
A. We use Jharoka frames.

16.Can you tell us the standard sizes for paintings in Madhurya?
A. Standard size:10*12,14*18. We also customize according to customer requirement.

17.Which elements are used to give a 3D effect to these paintings?
A. Stones, Gold foil, Oil paints are used to give 3D effect.

Do you have some more questions regarding how me make Tanjore paintings or how we sell and ship online???

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