How Puja Mantaps affect your physical and mental health?

How Puja Mantaps affect your physical and mental health?

Puja Mantaps and their affect on Body and Mind

In Sanskrit the word ‘puja’ is defined as ‘purnaat jayate iti puja’, which means ‘that which is born (jayate – ja) out of fullness (purnaat – pu)’. 

Puja means that which is born out of fullness and completeness. To express a heart, which is overflowing with so much gratitude and joy, Puja is done. 

Puja is considered an important aspect for progressing on the spiritual path. People go to temples to worship but it might not be possible to visit a temple everyday. By keeping Puja Mantaps at home, one can continue to do the puja and chanting daily.

Daily chanting of mantras near the Puja Mantap and worship bring positive vibrations to your home. It beneficially affects all the members of the family, especially the young ones.

Chanting of mantras has a powerful effect on the children, especially teens:

  • Have a healing effect on the body

  • Improve the inner body functions

    • Normalize hormones

    • Relax the nervous system

    • Purify the other systems – digestive, circulatory etc.

  • Calming effect on the mind

    • Help to attain inner silence

    • Provide stability to thoughts and emotions

    • Purify the mind

    • Reduce stress

Sitting in a single position near the Puja Mantap also helps in improving concentration, thus, helping children. Sitting still near the mantap brings the children into a meditative state while chanting mantras. Meditation makes the mind more sharp and focused, improving concentration.

Pooja Mantap

There are different materials used in making a Puja Mantap. Each material has a different impact on body-mind complex. Use of wood has a calming effect on the mind as compared to plastic or metal. It also helps in lowering heart rate and improving the response to stress.

Wood can be broadly classified into softwood and hardwood. Some major types of softwood used are Cedar, Fir, Pine and Redwood. Major types of hardwoods used are Ash, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Poplar, Teak and Walnut.

Pooja MantapTeak is considered the best wood for making Puja Mantaps. It looks elegant and beautiful. With age, it only becomes better as it weathers from a honey brown color into a nice silver gray finish. To add to that, it is highly durable. Teak also has greater natural weather resistance properties as compared to any other wood. It is naturally resistant against invaders like fungi and parasites, which can destroy other woods. It is no wonder that objects made from teak more than 2,000 years ago have been found intact – amazing for untreated, uncared-for wood.


The direction in which a Puja Mantap is kept is also important. It should not be kept in the south direction in a room. East, West and North directions are considered okay, although East is considered the most auspicious direction for the Puja Mantap to be in.

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