Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery – The Age Old Indian Traditional Art.

Temple Jewellery - The Age Old Indian Traditional Art.

Temple Jewellery is one of the three forms of Indian Jewellery- Temple Jewellery, Spiritual Jewellery and Bridal Jewellery. It is still considered a strong insignia of India traditions. Originally, Temple Jewellery hails from south India where it used to adorn the idols of God’s and Goddesses in temples but later on, dancers started wearing it and passed it onto the local women who started wearing them on special occasions. Thus, the original of Temple Jewellery is quite literally from temples.

Temple jewellery

Temple Jewellery is close to what would normally be called as “royal jewellery” in common language because it originated from godly royalties. It mainly consists of chunky necklaces and large bangles usually studded with gemstones. Apart from these, earrings, anklets, bracelets, brooches, waist belts and nose rings are also included in Temple Jewellery. Traditionally, it is made in Gold to retain the royal vibe and also because it is considered to be auspicious. It is also named differently according to what motif it features like a jewellery with lotus on it would he called tamarappu, one with cranes would be called as koku. One with crocodiles would be called as makara and so on.

Even today, Idols in Indian temples can be seen adorned with this Jewellery but that hasn’t stopped Temple Jewellery from becoming a part of the women’s Jewellery designs. They continue to wear Temple Jewellery on social occasions. Temple Jewellery is said to be auspicious and it brings good luck. Temple Jewellery finds itself irreplaceable when it comes to special occasions in india. It is still a dominant jewellery trend when it comes to jewellery for religious ceremonies, weddings, childbirth, etc.

The beloved motifs in Temple Jewellery are those of Lord Ganesha and Goddesses Lakshmi seated in a lotus. Apart from these designs, various designs of the symbol of Om are in vogue. Not just Indians but even foreigners are seen sporting this symbol on various occasions. In South India, Motifs of elephants are quite popular due to religious sentiments. .

The main base of Temple Jewellery is gold but now-a-days, to make it inexpensive, silver and other metal bases are also used with gold plating to make it affordable. It is embellished with precious and semi-precious gems to give them a godly vibe. Temple Jewellery comes in various designs and motifs like swans, lotuses, peacocks, gods, goddesses and royal figurines.

What makes Temple Jewellery different is its ancient heritage. It has been in existence in India for a very long time and has become a predominant part of Indian culture. It’s beauty, intricacy, strategic use of gemstones in unmatched by any and all types of jewellery. Therefore, it continues to dominate in the nation. It is in trend and will remain because it features uniqueness and resonates with the Indians.

Temple Jewellery holds priceless historical value and with its intricate desings, it is appreciated in india and well as outside the country. These pieces of jewelry are symbolic of the rich Indian traditions and are unlikely to go out of fashion for a long time to come.

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