Here’s what you should know about the Ancient Ritual of Agnihotra

Agnihotra is an ancient Indian ritual of creating a healing fire that cleanses the environment and brings about a transformation in the atmosphere. This tradition is centuries old and was performed by the people of the Indus valley civilization. The chants recited are from the ancient Indian scripture of Rigveda. Agnihotra is performed during sunset or sunrise while chanting these sacred mantras. A fire is lit in a copper pot in which rice and ghee are offered. The mantras chanted are quite essential and are related to the sun. These mantras which are chanted are Sooryáya Swáhá, Sooryáya Idam Na Mama Prajápataye Swáhá, and Prajápataye Idam Na Mama.

There are a few essential things that are required to perform this beautiful ancient ritual of agnihotra. These things are a pyramid-shaped copper pot, a copper dish, a copper fork, a copper spoon, cow dung, cow ghee, and rice. These ingredients are used to do agnihotra twice a day – sunrise and sunset.

There are numerous benefits of performing agnihotra ceremony. These include stress relief, mental clarity, improved health, environmental harmony, clean and purified environment. Well, these benefits may seem like a lot from such a simple and easy ritual but surprisingly this isn’t it. Performing agnihotra can have stunning effects on the health of a person. These benefits include purification of blood, improved respiratory system, and renewed brain cells. There have been many scientific studies in the past few years that have proved the benefits agnihotra has on various aspects of existence.

Another exciting thing that happens during agnihotra is the purification of any subtle pollution that can causes negativity in the environment. Our day to day dealings can cause a lot of stress to build up not just within us but also in the external environment. It is rightly said, each human being emits energies and is like a lit lamp. Our fights, negative thoughts, emotions, jealousy, anger, frustration, wrong deeds, and even harsh words cause massive changes in the environment around us. The changes are mostly in a negative way making the place heavy and suffocating. We all have had his feeling at least once, right? Doing agnihotra

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