Help Chettinad saree weavers hit by the pandemic – the sarees are on 50 per cent sale

When thousands of families carry on a legacy for a profession like weaving, the whole family gets engaged in the cottage industry. Their collective income is at its lowest ebb right now as the Covid-19 pandemic has shut orders from all corners for the weavers. Nobody would wish they turn to agriculture or get to the sea for fishing, as their skillful hands are trained into making fabrics that trace a culture and history.    

After all, the weavers have been facing one storm after the other right from the times the powerloom threw the handloom weavers out of their jobs!  

Take the Chettinad Cotton Saree weavers as an example, who five years ago won ‘India Handloom’ tag for their unique designs from the Union Ministry of Handlooms and Textiles, Mumbai, after passing through five rigorous quality tests to earn the branding. Right now, the weavers straight away require bulk orders to have their looms retained respectfully and come out with newer sarees for the festive season that begins soon with Varamahalakshmi.

To reiterate the priceless contribution of the handloom weavers of the South and garner support to the families and their trade, Madhurya Creations – supporting 1080 weaver families across India – is reaching out to people to place orders for Chettinad Cotton Sarees. It would be ‘charity with some shopping’ for anyone who wished to help weavers by placing orders.

Chettinad Cotton Sarees that are normally sold for Rs.1600+, are now being sold by the weavers for Rs. 890 (including delivery charges) which makes up for a 50%  discount.

A point to note: As the weavers in villages are not accessible to pictures, WhatsApp etc, you will not be able to choose the colour of the saree but can only select the quantity. The weavers will send you sarees in a variety of colours. The sarees are available in vibrant tones, don’t run colour or shrink after wash.

A sample of the saris shown in the link attached gives you an idea of the type of saree you would receive, but the colour and combination cannot be specified for the very reason mentioned earlier.

Login to the link provided by Madhurya Creations and select the number of sarees you wish to buy and key in your address details. The sarees will be sent to you directly by the weavers.

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