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Organic Yoga Mats for Wellness

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Handmade Organic Yoga Mats for Wellness:

Handmade Organic Yoga mats from wild grass as Samba, Darbha and Banana fibre are painstakingly handmade so that they exude natural properties to the skin, body and mind. This is in contrast to the PVC ones that once flooded the market for its easy use, but conveniently remained unnoticed for all the destructive environmental pollutants it carried in its make up. 

Organic yoga mats are made from natural riverside grass, sourced from weaving clusters in rural India where mat-weaving is being revived to provide jobs to people who had set aside their family legacy owing to ‘no demand.’

Not just that, people who hardly earned from the vagaries that agricultural fields have now returned to their looms taking up mat-weaving to serve the world that is lapping up yoga, meditation and exercises for well-being, physically and mentally. Women have been empowered to lend a hand to men. They work in tandem for making these organic yoga mats. There’s nothing more sacred than choosing to help such deserving people whose deft hands turn into a machine to further the cause of sustainability.

 These mats made of natural grass, apart from organic cotton mats dyed with natural medicinal tints, including mats that are purely herbal. There are 10 varieties of organic yoga mats in cotton with natural rubber backing to elevate its anti-skid nature. The grass ones have natural sweat-absorbent properties too.  

Making of a organic yoga mats

The traditional handmade process involves the cutting of
riverside grass to a specified length, and left to secondary drying in sun
shade to have the yarn made. They are spliced and taken for hand-weaving. Grass
mats are not dyed, so it retains its natural green, light green, brown and
off-white shades of grass. Organic Cotton mats, on the other hand, are dyed
with Turmeric, Indigo, Neem, Tulasi and Karungali tree extract, amongst other

Why should you buy organic yoga mats?

These are 100% Biodegradable, Eco-friendly and good for Skin

These are sustainable and do not promote any kind of pollution

The mats are intrinsically rich in natural healing properties

The significance of
handmade is important to save an heirloom legacy of hand weave

They have natural and medicinal raw material that transmits positive vibes while one exercises on them.

With its ability to absorb negative vibrations, grass mats were a part of everyone’s life when our
ancestors used them for sitting and sleeping on them as they had healing


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