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Cool Collection: White and Yellow Handloom Linen Saree with Embroidery

This handwoven linen saree is a burst of colors and fun, featuring adorable bird motifs and playful design. Wear it on your next outing and watch heads turn!

Cool Collection: Muave Handloom Linen Saree

Madhurya brings to you its exclusive pure Linen Handloom Summer collection elegant drapes. Apart from providing you ultimate comfort this summer season this Trendy, comfortable and breezy saree promises to steal the gaze of every eye on occasions you choose to wear it.

Light Blue Handloom Linen Saree with Light Pink Flowers

Madhurya brings to you this beautiful pure Linen handwoven saree in the combination of light blue and orange color. The saree promises to give you a perfect summer look this season.

Sea Green Handloom Linen Saree with Peach and Yellow Flowers

This blue colored Linen saree is a drape which carry comfort and elegance together. The saree has small and big pink floral motifs along with buds

Niharicka’s Cream, Maroon and Red Handloom Linen Saree with Flowers

Madhurya brings to you it’s cool collection for the festive season. The saree has thin maroon border with a little broad zari border. The saree has vibrant floral printed motifs all over.

Light Sea-Blue Handloom Linen Saree with Small Lotus

This elegant sea blue linen saree is handwoven and is made from pure linen. The saree has motifs of lotuses, half bloomed buds and lotus buds.

Light Green Handloom Linen Saree with Lotus

Madhurya brings to you this handwoven pure linen saree. The saree is modern and chic piece of art.