3 Seater Jhula with Back Rest

3 Seater Teak wood Single plank wooden Jhula with Back Rest. This Jhula can be used in Garden or Living area, Balcony and Lobby.

Product Detail
Back rest:38.1cm
Plank thickness:7.6cm
By Material:Wood
Wood Type:Seasoned Burma Teak Wood
Polish Color:Rosewood



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Large, elegant and simple single plank jhula made of robust teak wood, the chain is a formation of artistic brass links. Ideal for homes, this furniture adds to the ambiance of tradition as well as taste. This wooden swing/ Jhula belongs to Madhurya’s Suvasini collection of exotic furniture, which are handmade by accomplished native Indian carpenters.

Madhurya is an Art Of Living project with a vision to patronize the native artisans to revive the fading traditional art forms and skill sets from ancient India.

The proceeds of Madhurya’s sale support the education of the rural and under-privileged children through Art of Living’s Gift-a-smile program which has 421 free schools with 43,572 students across India.

*Also available in Burma Teak Wood, Rose Wood, Country Wood and Sheesham Wood.

Vastu Shastra Tips

1. The best direction for wooden Swing should be North Facing.

2. Any type of strong wood can be used.

Installation/ Usage

We offer product installation in Bangalore. Fixing of clamps on ceilings are at an additional cost of 1500.This Product is Preassembled and does not need assembly. Ideal for use in Living Room.

Additional Accessories

Length of the chain: 7 ft

Note: A 6 ft Jhula is comfortable for three adults. 


1.What kind of wood is used for making the swings ?

Ans. Fully Seasoned Teak wood is used for making the swing.

2.Is the wood a seasoned wood?

Ans. Yes.

3.Do you provide the chain set with the Jhula?

Ans. Yes we do provide the chain set. they come in two material Brass and Steel.

4.What does a chain set comprise of?

Ans. A chain set will come with 28 no’s of rod, 4 no’s S hook, 2 no’s W hook and 4 no’s of base plate.

5.How should  I know what length of chain I should I purchase?

Ans. The length of the chain depends upon the height from Finished floor level to the Ceiling. The height of the seat of  Jhula should be 18″ inches from the floor. You can take the total height from Finished Floor level to ceiling and subtract 18″ which will give you  the required length of the chain. 

6.What is the ideal distance between two anchor bolt.

Ans.The distance between the anchor bolt should be total length of the plank minus 8 inches.


7.Are the Anchor bolt part of the chain set?

Ans. No, they are not part of the chain set. However, can be bought at an additional cost.

8.How much weight swing can carry?

Ans. Swing can carry weight of 250 Kg to 275 kg 

10. In how many years one should repoish the swing to maintain its look?

Ans. Once in every 4 to 5 year you can repolish the swing depending upon the wear and tear.

11.Can you customize the design of the swing?

Ans. Yes, we can customize the design of the swing as per your requirement.

12. Can you provide carving on the swing?

Ans. Yes, we do provide carving on the swing. We can also share with us the design of your choice and we will get it done for you.

13.Do you accept bulk orders?

Ans. Yes, we do.

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