Annapurna Tanjore Painting


Traditional Annapurna devi handmade tanjore painting.

Product Details:
Technique: Handcrafted 
Materials used: Water Resistant Plywood, Natural Colours, Cloth, Chalk powder, Semi precious stones, 22 Carat Gold.
Dimensions: Height: 22 inches , Length:18 inches 
With Frame: Yes
Contact No: +91 9886300552

*All sizes mentioned are in inches. Customization is available.


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Whenever you give or share, it multiplies, whether it is knowledge or material things. So the sharing aspect is emphasized. When you are full, only then you can share and when you share, you become full – they are complementary.
When nourishment is in the mothers hand, then it is assured to be wholesome. When you eat food, you can immediately experience contentment & fullness at the gross level. An unfulfilled person cannot reach the higher states of consciousness. This ever giving, ever sharing aspect results in abundance.This Tanjore Painting of Mother Annapurna explains it all.

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