Aqua Blue Kanchipuram Saree


  SKU: sku_138830
  Technique: Handloom
  Fabric: Kanchipuram Silk
  Saree Color: Aqua Blue
  With Blouse: Yes
  Border Type:  Zari border
  Saree Length: 6.25 mt
  Care and Wash Instructions: Dry Clean Only

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This is another of the traditional weaves of the Kanjeevaram silks Saree in Olympic blue, and notice the handmade motifs that have been weaved at symmetrical distances in zari and silk-thread to showcase a budding floral pattern…If there is a slight irregularity in the patterning, it is intended to show the detailing of the hand drawing and hand woven method. It only mirrors the difference between a computer replicating a pattern mechanically, as against a hand that fashions it creatively. The lush of Zari work on the pallu only adds to the wealth of weaving experience on this Kanjeevaram that comes with a self-coloured blouse

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How to Store a Kanchipuram Saree?

1. You can stack your Kanchipuram sarees folded on a flat shelf. You can stack the
sarees on top of each other, 4-5 in one row. its better to stack a maximum of 3 or 4 together

2. You should keep swapping the saree after every few months. It is advisable stack
sarees instead of hanging.

3. If you wish, you may put silica gel sachets to absorb the moisture that might build up.
However, do not use naphthalene balls or any kind of deodorant in the storage area.

4. It is good to take out the stored Kanchipuram sarees at least once in a few months
and spreading them out over a cool surface like your bed. Let them breathe for 30-40
minutes after which you can fold them back.

5. In order to fasten the process of starch removal, you can open your new saree and
shake it fall like you wave wet bedsheet. As the starch falls off, the saree will soften.