Hammer Finished Copper Water Bottle (1200ml)


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  • Material : Copper
  • Helps with weight loss,Keeps you Young
  • Precisely cut notches on each end allow for hanging straps
  • Helps you heal faster,Reduces Arthritis Pain
  • Boosts Cardiovascular Health,Prevents Digestive Disorders.

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Copper water kills viruses and fights off free radicals, and also has antimicrobial properties.Water can be stored for longer duration as it will not get stale.Drinking water kept in copper vessel will help in balancing the three dosha’s of the body vata, pitta, and kapha. Cleanses and detox the stomach, regulates the functioning of organs like liver and kidneys ,helps in easy elimination of toxins, and hence the nutrients from the food are absorbed by intestinal mucosa completely.Helps the body in breaking and eliminating accumulated fat and ensures weight loss and maintaining weight.The antioxidant and new cell forming properties of copper water helps in delayed ageing. Enhances the production of melanin and also heals wounds of mucosal lining of gastro-intestinal system. Good for cardiovascular health, anemia and thyroid imbalances, and skin related issues. Helps in reducing stress by nourishing the brain. 6.Anti inflammatory properties of copper water helps in arthritis and related pains. Strengthens the bone and immune system.Copper bottle should not be used to store milk and milk products like curd, butter, and ice creams, citrus juices, citrus fruits, acidic food like pickles, and honey. Drinking water from copper vessel once in the morning and two or three times in a day is sufficient to get the benefits.