Silver With Gold Plating Jhumkas


Material: Silver with Gold Plating

Care Instructions:

1.Do not use in water
2.Do not apply perfume directly
3. Keep in dry place after use

Size & Fit

Length : 2 inches

Diameter : 1.2 inches

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Silver with gold plating Jhumka style earrings are best to go solo on any traditional outfits like saree, salvar suite or lehenga or any Indo wester  outfit.

Flaunt the with style. They will add to your evergreen charismatic personality

Beautiful latest Jhumka earrings made from silver with gold plating are best design for suits and casual wear.

These Mukta Temple gold design earrings are light weighted, a contemporary style of temple Jewellery

All that glitters is not gold, and in contemporary times this can’t be more relevant than temple jewellery taking the world by storm. These are mainly in pure silver, are recreations of antique gold as appreciation and demand of the grand pieces of the past lead to the artisans taking on the art with silver to make them affordable and have people cherish a piece of tradition in all its grandeur.

Mirroring a traditional yet trendsetting look, these royal Mukta gold plated peacock gold design jewellery earrings collection are designed with a beautifully carved temple pattern.

Your jewellery box will warmly welcome these royal and edgy earrings with intricate temple carvings.

Whether draping up in a traditional saree or dressing up in an embroidery kurta,

Mukta temple earrings indeed are the best match for all kind of traditional looks.

On the other hand get appreciated for your graceful style sense,

by donning this pair of latest Jhumka Temple design gold-plated silver jewellery with a traditional or contemporary outfit.

Safe for people with sensitive skin. Our fine jewellery with temple earrings collection is manufactured with authentic metals and solid stamped 92.5 Sterling Silver.

It does not contain any metal alloys that will cause irritation or allergies to your skin.

It all started in Vadasery, a village part of Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu has a history of artisans making temple jewellery for centuries.

This is where ever the chieftains of Ramnad and the Rajas of Chettinad headed to for picking dazzling gold jewellery as they offered them to gods. The yellow metal touched the sky, and so began the same work in silver.

The jewellery made for the Gods in the past were also made by the goldsmith acharis for the royalty and the temple dancers, say historians, and that explains how temple jewellery became an essential adornment or costume in Bharatanatya and Kuchipudi.

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