Pure Silk Sarees Collection
Saundarya is beauty...inner and outer beauty. Every woman is beautiful and to add to this beauty is the purpose of our pure silk sarees. Our sarees are brought to you directly from the homes of weavers and are an expression of the creativity, vibrance and uniqueness of design and weave that is a hallmark of Indian tradition. 
Madhurya Sarees online - If you are looking for sarees online shopping you are at authentic Indian sarees online sale on Madhurya! Choose latest designer sarees from our wide range of new saree designs.
Kanchipuram sarees: Madhurya brings to you a wide range of traditional Kanchipuram Sarees in varied designs, elegant colors and weave patterns. Made from mulberry silk, each Saree is unique and has handwoven zari work.
Banarasi Sarees: Our elegant collection of silk Benarasi Sarees are hand-woven by artisans who understand the value of traditions and follow them religiously. Each Saree is adorned with intricate silver or gold brocade/zari and made exclusively in a period of one to six months.
Jamdani (or Dhakai Jamdani) are feather-light and sheer sarees, with fine motifs (often intricate geometrical patterns) woven all over the body – this handloom weaving is the uniqueness of Jamdani sarees.
Uppada SareesA specialty of Andhra Pradesh, Uppada sarees are well known for the Jamdani style of weaving used for making exquisite floral designs and embroidery on them. Also popular for their softness and light-weight, the classic Uppada sarees get designs on both sides. 
Paithani SareesPaithani Sarees are made from very fine silk and considered to be one of the richest sarees of India. The unique designs have grand gold zari work done on the pallav and borders. They originated from Paithan towns in Maharashtra.
Chanderi Sarees: It's hard not to fall of the charm of Chanderi sarees. Be it their sheer beauty, refreshing colours or delicate work - Chanderi is the Queen of all. Add these to your wardrobe without a second thought!