Infuse Your Yoga Practice With The Natural Goodness Of Yoga Mats

Joys of Madhurya

“I loved the fact that my buy encourages villagers to pursue their hand crafts. Them using natural materials to make such comfortable yoga mats was really an eye-opener for me!”

Pratibha Kumar,
Graphic Designer/Yoga Enthusiast

"I bought the Turmeric-dyed mat and it has helped curb my seasonal allergies tremendously! I liked that it has natural rubber backing as I am always careful not to skid, because of my weight."

Harshita Vatsa,
Fashion Designer & Stylist

“I travel a lot and have been using a foldable PVC yoga mat, but only recently I came to know about the devastating effects it has on our skin and health. I was happy my friend presented me with Madhurya's yoga mat and am happy it is foldable and fits in my suitcase easily!”

Jyoti Vyas,
Business woman

A Cool Yogi is a Conscious Yogi. Be One!

Enhance your yoga practice and embrace a conscious lifestyle with our GOTS-certified organic yoga mats. You get to connect with nature instantly every time you practice Yoga on our range of 100% biodegradable yoga mats.

Made with love just for you, these yoga mats are free from harmful toxins and are skin-friendly. Natural materials and medicinal plant pigments add a comforting touch to your Yoga practice ...
Choosing an organic yoga mat that is 100% biodegradable is a small but powerful way to support sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

You benefit from skin contact on herb-dyed yoga mats while also sustaining the environment. Truly a wonderful combination for you to be a cool yogi while being a conscious yogi too.


Perfect Grip Planet-Friendly Material. Get One!

Experience the ultimate in eco-friendly yoga with our range of organic yoga mats, meticulously crafted using the finest weaving techniques. These exceptional mats are made by skilled weavers from the Bhavani community in Tamil Nadu, who use customized hand-made looms to create a mat that is both durable and beautiful.

With a natural rubber coating, our mats provide excellent grip and stability, so you can focus on your practice without slipping or sliding. Unlike traditional yoga mats that are made with PVC, our mats are dyed with a water-soluble mordant that is kind to the environment and does not emit harmful emissions during production ...Whether you practice Hatha, Ashtanga, or any other form of yoga, our mats are suitable for all styles and can be used on any surface. So, whether you're at home or in the studio, you can enjoy the soft yet firm grip of our organic yoga mats.

By choosing our organic yoga mats, you're not only investing in your own practice but also in the planet. With every purchase, you're helping to reduce the harmful effects of producing PVC mats and supporting a sustainable, eco-friendly future.
Don't wait any longer, take the first step towards a greener yoga practice.


Handcrafted Yoga Mats Empowering Local Artisans. Own One!

Our organic yoga mats are not just a tool for sustainable yoga practice, but they're also a source of empowerment for the highly skilled and ingenious Bhavani weavers. These weavers are masters of an age-old hand-weaving art form that has been passed down through generations.

By choosing to buy an organic yoga mat from us, you're contributing to the welfare of this special weaver community, supporting their livelihood and helping to keep a traditional art form alive. ...

Your purchase not only benefits you but also helps to sustain a community of skilled artisans who take great pride in their craft.

Every time you practice yoga on our mats, you're not only benefiting from the soft yet firm grip of the mat but also helping to support the Bhavani weaver community. It's a small but significant way to make a positive impact on the world around us by sustaining livelihoods.
Our organic yoga mats are made using natural materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. Your choice to buy the organic yoga mat is a conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint and embrace a more sustainable way of living - both in harmony with nature and fellow human beings.


Infuse Your Yoga Practice With The Natural Goodness Of

Elevate your yoga practice with our Tulsi-dyed yoga mat, infused with the natural...

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Bottom Right
Discover the healing power of Turmeric with our yoga mat, hand-dyed with...

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Experience instant calm and serenity during your yoga practice with our Indigo dyed...

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Explore the full potential of your yoga practice with our Annatto dyed herbal yoga mat...

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Uncover the healing power of Madder root with our yoga mat, hand-dyed with the...

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Elevate your yoga practice with our Tulsi-dyed yoga mat, infused with the natural...healing properties of this powerful herb. Improve your immunity and respiratory health with every yoga pose.

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Discover the healing power of Turmeric with our yoga mat, hand-dyed with...this superfood spice. Experience the full spectrum of benefits of Turmeric, including its potent antioxidant properties.

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Experience instant calm and serenity during your yoga practice with our Indigo mat. The cooling effect of Indigo dye will help you find your inner peace.

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Explore the full potential of your yoga practice with our Annatto dyed herbal yoga mat,...infused with natural ingredients to support your inner and outer beauty. Elevate your well-being and nourish your body.

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Uncover the healing power of Madder root with our yoga mat, hand-dyed with...this natural dye. Benefit from the nourishing properties of Madder root and enhance your yoga practice.

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Align Your Yoga Stretches With The Mystical Energies Of

Rejoice in the ancient wisdom of traditional Indian medicine with our Dharba grass yoga mat. This sturdy and planet-friendly mat handwoven using the finest quality Dharba grass, renowned for its numerous health benefits. Detoxify your body naturally with the purifying properties of Dharba grass, while its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties provide healing benefits for the skin and respiratory system. Experience the spiritual significance of this sacred grass in your yoga practice, as it is believed to enhance positive energy and promote mental clarity. Our Dharba grass yoga mat is more than just a yoga accessory; it's a symbol of prosperity and good luck that invites grounding and spiritual growth.

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Introducing our new yoga mat made with Sambu grass - a sustainable and sturdy material grown on the banks of the holy river Kaveri. Our Sambu grass yoga mat is not only but also showcases unique weaves and patterns, a result of the skilled artisans who weave them. According to folklore, Kaveri river is believed to have divine powers and using a yoga mat made from the grass grown on its banks is said to bring positive energy and inner peace. Practicing on this mat provides not only a connection to nature but also a sense of spiritual connection to the land of the Kaveri river. Our Sambu grass yoga mat adds beauty to your yoga practice.

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Yoga for a Better Planet , One Mat at a Time

Be Part of The
Yoga Evolution.
Our conscious yoga mats are more than just a tool for your practice, they are an opportunity to give back. We've partnered with "Gift a Smile", an initiative dedicated to educating first-generation learners from rural belts of India ...
Every purchase of our conscious yoga mat goes towards supporting this social mission and empowering the future generations of India. By choosing our conscious yoga mat, you can join the movement towards a more sustainable and equitable future.
You can feel good knowing that your practice is not only benefitting yourself, but also those in need.
So why wait? Elevate your practice and make a difference with a conscious yoga mat today.


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